We, Lars and I live in the countryside surrounded by woods, fields and a small river, in the south of Jutland, Denmark.

Since the 90s  we have had the joy of working with many lovely dogs. At first we had  5 lovely newfoundland dogs and we made an great effort in showing them in Denmark and abroad.

In 2003 we got our first Golden Retriever - Sea Pimpernel Flying Touch of Music (Gustav) and in 2007, we had one more - Sea Pimpernel Outnumber (Malthe).
In 2008 we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to acquire C I'm Magic is Friendly (Kiss).
This was also the basis for seeking the kennel name Touch of Magic.

We love to take our dogs to the show ring, but most important for us, is that our dogs are capable of functioning as family dogs. We make a great effort in activating our dogs and work to stimulate their different needs.

I have since the early 90s worked at a professional level with the dogs. I was trained dog trainer, behavioral specialist and veterinary nurse with additional training in clinical animal ethology. I attend regular courses and lectures to keep me updated on the latest knowledge and development.
As breeders, we will in future breeding, place great emphasis on temperament, health, work and exterior. Also, we want to help future buyers of puppies get understanding, insight and respect for the dog and its behavior.